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LaTrell Billingsley

Lane College is proud to announce the recent appointment of Lane Man, LaTrell Billingsley to Division Chief/Fire Marshal of the Fire Prevention Bureau for the City of Jackson, TN – Fire Department. In his new role, Fire Marshal Billingsley will oversee all fire prevention activities within the department, including public education, fire inspections, and fire investigation.
“We are thrilled to have LaTrell Billingsley as our new Division Chief/Fire Marshal,” said Chief Don Friddle. “LaTrell’s passion for public education and his dedication to fire prevention will be invaluable to our department and the community.”
Since joining the Jackson Fire Department, Fire Marshal Billingsley has made significant contributions to the organization. He has served as the Public Fire Educator since 2019, where he has demonstrated his expertise in public education and fire safety.
Fire Marshal Billingsley received his bachelor’s degree from Lane College in 2013. Billingsley has been certified in various areas of firefighting, including Firefighter I & II, Hazardous Materials Technician, Public Fire & Life Safety Educator I & II, Instructor I, Fire Inspector I & II, Fire and Explosion Investigator, and Emergency Medical Responder.

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