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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I join the LCNAA and how much does it cost?
You can join through your local chapter. The national dues are $50/year, but local dues vary
depending on the amount set by the chapter.

What if there is no chapter in my city?
You can join the LCNAA as a member-at large by paying national dues, $50/year. Click on forms
on the webpage, submit your information and pay your dues.

How can I become a life member?
Contact, Belinda Browning, 3rd Vice President, [email protected]. The cost to become a
life member is $750.

How do I report the passing of an alum?
Each chapter has a Necrologist, but if an alum passes in an area where there is no chapter, you
can submit the alum’s name to Braylin Laster, our Director of Alumni Affairs,
[email protected].

I am not sure if I am considered an alum of Lane College. How does Lane define one as an

All former students who attended Lane College are eligible for alumni status.

How can I donate to Lane College?
The LCNAA has a major fundraiser for Homecoming so you can donate through one of the
chapters or you can go to the Lane College Webpage and click on the “donate” tab?

Where can I find information about Homecoming activities?
Contact the college about specific Homecoming events. LCNAA will have information regarding
National Alumni functions posted as it becomes available.

Does the LCNAA have a Facebook page?
Yes. The LCNAA will post events and information on two Facebook pages:
Lane College National Alumni Association, Inc.

How can I connect to the LCNAA Chapter in my area?
The chapters are listed on our webpage with contact information for the President and Vice
President of each chapter.

How can I pay my dues online?
We encourage you to pay your dues through your local chapter, but life members can pay online
as well as members-at-large.

How do I search the directory?
To search the directory and use it to reach out to former classmates, you must be a current
member of the LNAA and be able to login to the association’s website.

Does the LCNAA have a formal mentoring program?
Yes. The LCNAA works closely with the Pre-Alumni Council so our mentoring program is geared
towards students in the Pre-Alumni Council.

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