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Give to Lane

Lanites, have you ever considered donating to your alma mater? If not, you should! It doesn’t have to be a significant financial investment; every little donation helps. Fair Lane benefits greatly from the donations received. Donations help the college reach its funding goals, allowing for new operations and projects. Plus, it helps our current and future students. As you know, many of our students struggle with covering the costs of college and rely on financial aid and scholarships. Alumni donations fund these scholarships to make the cost of college easier for our students.

When we look back on the college years we spent with the red and blue, we think of everything we were given during those years. Whether that be our education, friends, the guidance of faculty members, or general life experiences we didn’t have before college, Alumni were pouring into the college and us as students. Now that we have earned to title of Alumni, it is our responsibility to give back to Fair Lane and those Baby Dragons-current and future. Your gift could create a lasting impact on students for years to come.

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